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All orders must be paid with credit card or by PayPal account.


After order is placed, shipping amounts will be verified prior to shipment.


Bailey Chassis Company offers no warranty, implied or expressed, regarding any products or services provided. All parts of products and services are sold on an as-is basis, with all flaws. The user assumes all liability, responsibility and risks associated with purchase and/or use of said products and services. It is solely the responsibility of the user/owner of purchased products to determine suitability and safety of products, which are to be used for their intended purpose only. The buyer assumes all costs of repair if any product or service proves defective.

Bailey Chassis Company will not be held liable for loss, damage, injury or death as a result of using any product or service purchased, as is state above. Bailey Chassis Company is not liable for statements, written or verbal, by an officer, management, employee or other persons in reference to said products or services. Bailey Chassis Company will not be liable for any activities, representations or warranties made by any dealer, distributor, manufacturer or other persons.

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